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I can no longer decide, whether I love winter or summer, but what I do know is that  lately I love a simple stylish look that features a bandana and good statement tee. 

Since life, became more indoors and less streets, I no longer worry about having to keep warm in winter, because I can just snuggle on the couch, with the heater on and bottomless warm drinks. Now, spring/summer is here, and I just want to wear a beautiful t-shirt, denims, and one of my bandanas and hit the streets to enjoy the sun and good food with my love.

My wardrobe has definitely evolved over the past year and has become less formal with new way of life of working from home, where one goes out mostly to run errands or enjoy life. I look at t-shirts, sweatpants and jeans way more than I used to, when I browse online and I have notice the increase on bandana sales when you ladies browse online. 

So I saw it fitting to style a simple look that features one of my latest favourite t-shirts from another female owned brand (SoulSisters Tees) and our latest addition in bandana prints. 

Outfit Details: 

  • Bandana - Kopano Print 
  • Jeans - Thrifted
  • T-shirt - SoulSisters Tees
  • Shoes - Miss Black (DC 1 One Oulet)
Umnqwazo by Thandazo
Doeks By Thandazo
Umnqwazo by Thandazo

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